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The Opportunity of Stewardship

I read a blog post by Tara Dillard last night, and it resonated with my heart on how I feel about my home landscape as well as why I became a garden designer. It makes my heart smile to think of the opportunity we have to take care of our landscapes. Here is just a…

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My Bedroom Window

This summer has been unbearable with all of the triple digit temperatures and lack of water.  Gardening was not for the faint of heart this season. I found myself inside looking out at my gardens during most of the day.  Which made me analyze the window views of my gardens. Most of the views were pretty…

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A Walk to Your Front Door

  Ding Dong!We have all had that unexpected guest arrive and thought… “I wonder what the front door area looks like?” Most people leave and arrive to their homes through the garage entry.  We do not use our front door area very often (unless you are like me and only have room for one car…

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All Bottled Up

Ahhhh…it is that time of year when we plant those wonderful spring blooming bulbs in the garden.  Daffodils, crocus, tulips, and hyacinths.  They are delightful when they pop their little heads out of the ground on those early spring days.  What a fun plant to have in your landscape. There is one challenge when planting…

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If I Don't Ask… Who Will?

Okay, it has been a long hot summer here in Northwest Arkansas.  I have spent most of my time dragging a hose around trying to keep things alive.  So far only two garden fatalities.  Not bad considering it has been in the triple digits most of June and July. So, you are probably wondering why I used…

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