Show Me the Money


 I can’t help but think of the movie “Jerry Maguire” when I write the words in the title of this post… “Show me the Money!”  

Only I am thinking of money in a whole different way than Jerry’s clients.  I am thinking that I want to see the money I spend on gardening be as minimal as possible with a maximum result.  Show me the Money that I am saving!

It is possible to save money and get some pretty amazing things for your garden.  All the catalogs and adds that I see a lot of the time are usually high end.  Don’t get me wrong…I really like nice things.  I enjoy beauty all around my home.  I just don’t want to pay the prices I see.

Well, that got me to thinking about this new section of my website.  I would imagine in this economy there are a lot of people who would like some money saving tips for their garden.

So, that is exactly what I am going to be doing in this section of my website:  “The Secret Garden”.  (The name was inspired by my sister…Thanks Betty!)

I have a Secret Garden that I have created by pinching a few pennies.   Here is one example. 


This little basket was purchased at a rummage store.  It was white.  I paid $2.00.  I bought a $3.59 can of spray paint and found an old worn out wreath with lime green zinnias.  I tore the wreath apart, painted the basket, and walla…a sweet gate basket for $5.00 that hangs in my Secret Garden!

That is the kind of stuff I want to share with you!

I will be posting regular Penny Pinching tips for your garden.  It will cover a variety of topics like plants, art, amendments, pest solutions, and more!  It would be fun if others shared their fun bargain creations in the comment section.  Feel free!

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