Not to Be Taken with a Grain of Salt

My Secret Garden Tip of the week is one of those simple ideas that adds a lot of charm to your cut flower arrangements.  =)

Most garden enthusiasts enjoy bringing the flower garden inside for a touch of beauty.

Sometimes when you go out to cut flowers, you find small blossoms that don’t fit into a regular sized container.  They are worthy of being clipped and showcased, but they are just too small.

The solution – (passed down from other cleaver ladies) is a miniature vase created out of a salt shaker.


You can find stray shakers at junk stores, antique stores, or if you are like me…one of the pair was broken…which left a “Lone Ranger”.

Here is a  picture of a Peace Rose that was able to make the cut since it had a little place to be.  =)


This cost – $0.00 since I had a stray shaker that needed a purpose.

Look around for other items in your cupboards that might make a charming little vase.  You will be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

Happy Cutting!