Inspiration Blog

These are my ideas and thoughts to inspire you for your own yard and garden projects.  Each little project or step brings you closer to your dream landscape.  In the same way, each blog post is a stepping stone in the designing, planning or installation of  your new garden.

I hope you enjoy find inspiration and guidance in these posts.


By Dawn Denton | February 25, 2013

Even though it is winter…don’t forget to supplement your plants watering needs. Containers are especially quick to dry out during the winter months. You do not want your plants to…


By Dawn Denton | February 25, 2013

Winter is a great time to do some pruning on your trees. There are no leaves that block the view of the limb structure, so you can see the limbs…

Shallow rooted lavender plant heaving as the ground warms.

Plant Heaving

By Dawn Denton | February 25, 2013

Plant heaving occurs when the soil has extreme temperature changes. The soil pushes upward lifting the plants and exposing the roots. If you mulched well in the fall, your plants are less…

Planning and Notes

By Dawn Denton | February 25, 2013

Mid-summer is a great time to take notes! Spend some time walking around your garden assessing what you like and what you need to change. Maybe some plants need to be…

Newly Planted Seeds

By Dawn Denton | February 25, 2013

Keep your newly planted seeds moist but not soaked until they germinate. It is important to give them consistent moisture during their germination period. Once they have sprouted, continue to give…


By Dawn Denton | February 25, 2013

Spring and fall are perfect times to add mulch to your garden. Small and large gardens alike benefit from this practice. Mulch keeps the weeding to a minimum, holds the moisture to…

Cut Ornamental Grass

By Dawn Denton | February 25, 2013

Mid to late winter is an excellent time to cut your ornamental grasses back. I try to cut them as low as possible. Make sure you have a good sharp…


By Dawn Denton | February 25, 2013

Deadheading is one of those tasks that seems silly, but it is very important for the flowering strength of your plants. Removing the old flowers keeps you plants producing more…

Controlling the Bullies

By Dawn Denton | February 25, 2013

Sometimes we have certain plants that like to “take over”. They usually either spread through roots or seeds. If they spread through seeds, one way to help control their aggressiveness is…

Container Soil

By Dawn Denton | February 25, 2013

As you drag your containers out from last year, check the soil. If the soil is two years old or older, it is time to freshen it up. Take at least…