A Walk to Your Front Door



Ding Dong!We have all had that unexpected guest arrive and thought…
“I wonder what the front door area looks like?”

Most people leave and arrive to their homes through the garage entry.  We do not use our front door area very often (unless you are like me and only have room for one car in your garage instead of two).
When was the last time you walked up to your front door from your driveway and stood there as if you were waiting for someone to answer the door?
What do you see?
Does your entry way compliment your landscape design?
One of the elements of a good front yard design is how well your entry way fits.  A good design should lead people to the front door without them even realizing it.


As you look at your path to your front door, here are a few questions to ask yourself.
Is the pathway clear of obstacles?   Sometimes our plants that we have along our walkways can get out of control and take over.
Is there a place for a beautiful container of flowers by the door?  A small container filled with flowers can be very inviting.  Make sure the colors accent your entry way and flow with your design.

Do you have lighting along your walkway?  There are so many options out there for landscape lighting.  The key is to keep it from looking like an airport runway.   Space your lights at least 4 feet apart and stagger them if possible.

As you stand there at your front door, turn around and look back at the pathway you’ve just taken to get there.  Was it a beautiful journey as you passed through?  If not, then July is a great month to assess and re-evaluate.  Make a list of things you would like to add in the fall and start planning.

Make it a goal for yourself to walk the pathway to your front door once a week and check it out.Happy Walking!

(Most pictures shared were taken in Colonial Williamsburg.)