A Gardener in the Spring

Ah…spring.  That lovely time of the year where everything in the garden shows signs of new life.  Including the gardeners!

You know how it goes…think about gardening all winter, plan, dream, and invision what your yard will look like this next growing season.  Then the first warm spring day and we are out of the house and off to the garden centers.  Buying everything colorful that we can get our hands on.




Begonias and more!
We bring our treasures home and put them in the ground.  We create lovely containers, and those new purchases that don’t have a spot in our garden we leave in their package until we have another inspirational moment. (or until they die from lack of water.)Then it happens…the weather man tells us that there is a frost warning for the following areas.  Sure enough…it includes ours!

So we rush outside and begin to cover everything that is newly planted in the ground.  We drag all the beautiful containers that we created into the garage, back porch, or kitchen.  And we begin to have a conversation with ourself.

“What were you thinking!  You know that this always happens!  Why can’t you just be patient and wait for the frost danger to pass?  Think of the money you have wasted!  When will you learn?”

I hate that conversation.  No one talks to me quite like I talk to myself.

Maybe one spring I will have the will power to resist the first signs of color and beauty.  Until then, I will continue to keep all the old sheets I can for those frosty times that are sure to come.