The Opportunity of Stewardship

I read a blog post by Tara Dillard last night, and it resonated with my heart on how I feel about my home landscape as well as why I became a garden designer. It makes my heart smile to think of the opportunity we have to take care of our landscapes. Here is just a portion of her blog post.  Contact me if you need help with yours!


“My first study tour of historic European gardens 2+ decades ago, tossed me directly into a new world, hitherto unknown, in relation to landscapes. People cared about the landscapes they created for themselves, not merely for themselves, or even first for themselves, but as a civic duty to community and neighbor. Going deeper, even a duty to who will own the home/garden after them. Continued studies abroad with historic gardens, intuitively realized their landscapes went beyond a duty to self and community. Their landscapes included duty to Nature. Spirituality. ”

~ Tara Dillard