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Archive for September 2011

Bulky… or.. Bulk is Key!

Bulky Means 1. Having considerable bulk; massive. 2. Of large size for its weight: a bulky knit. 3. Clumsy to manage; unwieldy. This is the definition of bulky according to the online Free Dictionary by Farlex.  All three definitions are appropriate for my money saving garden tip this week. When you can…buy in bulk! In most shopping arenas…

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Tag You're It

Weather changes mean plant changes.  With cooler temps and shorter days, the plants are wrapping up their blooming season.  Most annuals will be making seed pods and dropping them in random places thanks to the wind, birds, and critters. This week I am going to encourage you to plan ahead which will help you save…

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Not to Be Taken with a Grain of Salt

My Secret Garden Tip of the week is one of those simple ideas that adds a lot of charm to your cut flower arrangements.  =) Most garden enthusiasts enjoy bringing the flower garden inside for a touch of beauty. Sometimes when you go out to cut flowers, you find small blossoms that don’t fit into a regular…

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