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“The more one gardens, the more one learns:
and the more one learns, the more one realizes how little one knows.
I suppose the whole of life is like that.” VITA SACKVILLE-WEST (1892-1962)

It will be a key to right thinking about gardens if you consider in what kind of places a garden is most desired. In a very beautiful country, especially if it be mountainous, we can do without it well enough; whereas in a flat and dull country we crave after it, and there it is often the very making of the homestead. While in great towns, gardens, both private and public, are positive necessities if the citizens are to live reasonable and healthy lives in body and mind.

-William Morris lecture entitled “Making the best of it”, 1879

“An addiction to gardening is not all bad when you consider all the other choices in life.”

Winter fog will freeze a dog; summer fog will roast a hog.

“Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas.” – Elizabeth Murray

“I have been stuck as deeply in my garden as any of the plants I have set there,
and I wish they may flourish half as well;
for though I can’t say I have run up in height,
yet I have spread most luxuriantly.” – Mary Lepel, October 24, 1747

“A wet January ~ A wet spring”

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” – Hal Borland

“Did you ever think how a bit of land shows the character of the owner?” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

“To get the best results you must talk to your vegetables.” – Prince Charles 1986

If there were no bees, 100,000 plant species would cease to exist. – Old saying.

When swallows fly low, rain is on the way.

A snail can sleep for three years. Ants don’t sleep at all.

Each year, insects eat one-third of the earth’s food crops.

“There are many tired gardeners but I’ve seldom met old gardeners.  I know many elderly gardeners but the majority are young at heart.  Gardening simply does not allow one to be mentally old, because too many hopes and dreams are yet to be realized.  The one absolute of gardeners is faith.  Regardless of how bad past gardens have been, every gardener believes that next year’s will be better.  It is easy to age when there is nothing to believe in, nothing to hope for, gardeners, however, simply refuse to grow up.”  Allan Armitage