Lenten Rose- Helleborus

Nothing like gardening throughout the year.  

It is the middle of winter, and most plants are not able to be planted at this time of the year.  However, the Lenten Rose is not most plants.

It is hardy, early blooming, shade loving, deer proof, drought tolerant, and a perennial.  A great selection for dry shade.  I do not have a lot of shade in my garden, but I do have some.

I started doing some research on the internet, and stumbled across this great website. 


Check it out and see all the great information and detail they give about their plants.  I love the quote on the Lenten Rose Almanac section ~ 

“Not ready for Prime time…but I am committed.”  

What a great, honest statement.  This statement made me want to watch a few of their videos, read some
of the other sections, and place an order! I just couldn’t resist.


I ordered their 4yr/3pk.  That means I will be getting 3 plants in the mail very soon.
Plus since it is a promo special I will be getting an extra plant!

January 24, 2011.  The Lenten Roses arrived!  Here are some pictures to show you how well they were packaged and how healthy they look.  



I am happy to say that they were planted before the blizzard of 2011 hit! 

And an added bonus…Miss Gracie Grey had a new box to play in.  We are both happy with this purchase


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